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            How to use air shower passage and precautions
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            How to use the air shower channel and precautions:
            1. The air shower must be able to be used under the premise of good commissioning and operation, and the surrounding environment must be cleaned before use. It is better to use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust in the air shower channel area.
            2. Turn on the power before use, and the red indicator light will be on. When the personnel enter the air shower room, close the door, and then the air shower fan will blow. When the time is set, the fan will stop automatically, and then the personnel can leave the air shower room and enter the production workshop.
            3. In the air shower area, it is strictly forbidden to pile up sundries and bring in articles that are easy to cause dust and pollution.
            4. When workers enter the air shower room, they should change their clothes, shoes and hats to reduce the dust content in the environment.
            Air shower maintenance channel:
            1. Air shower and medium efficiency air filter need to be replaced frequently due to the influence of environment. Medium efficiency air filter is the first filter used as high efficiency filter. Frequent replacement of medium efficiency air filter can reduce the load of high efficiency filter and prolong its service life, which is beneficial to improve air purification efficiency. When replacing, remove the front orifice plate, take out the filter material and replace it.
            2. After a long time of efficient use, the dust accumulation increases, the resistance increases, and the wind speed decelerates (generally for one year), so it has to be replaced. When replacing, remove the medium efficiency air filter and loosen the nut of the high efficiency filter to remove the high efficiency filter.
            3. Pay attention to the air flow direction when installing the high efficiency filter. The sponge side is the air outlet side. Pay attention to the flatness when installing the filter. The frame of the filter should be well sealed with the chassis, and no leakage is allowed.
            4. When the fan breaks down, remove the medium efficiency filter to overhaul the fan.
            5. The electrical part is equipped with electrical control panel or electrical control box. In case of failure, the wiring board can be overhauled by opening the manhole.
            6. Shj-fl air shower is equipped with an access hole for other maintenance, and the access hole is set under the passage.
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