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            The role of hospital exhaust pipe
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            We mainly make common plate flange air duct with (galvanized plate; stainless steel; composite air duct;).
            Angle iron flange air duct, various central air conditioning ventilation pipes, fan coil air pipes, fire smoke exhaust ducts, fresh air supply pipes, exhaust air ducts.
            Effective reduction method of high noise of ventilation and exhaust equipment:
            1、 . in case of high noise control requirements, low noise ventilation equipment shall be selected to reduce the noise of ventilation equipment. The noise of centrifugal ventilation equipment of different types of ventilation equipment is small under the agreed air volume, wind pressure and wing type blades, and the noise of centrifugal ventilation equipment of forward type blades is large. Reduce the speed of ventilation equipment properly. The rotating noise of the ventilation equipment is proportional to the impeller circular speed 10 times, and the eddy current noise is proportional to the impeller circular speed 6 times (or 5 times). Therefore, reducing the speed can reduce the noise. When designing ventilation system, the pressure loss of the system should be minimized. When the total amount and pressure loss of ventilation system are large, it can be divided into small system. The flow rate of air flow in the pipeline should not be too high to avoid the regeneration noise. The determination of the flow velocity in the pipeline shall be selected according to the relevant regulations according to different requirements.
            2、 In the transmission way, the noise of ventilation equipment shall be restrained and appropriate muffler shall be installed on the air inlet and outlet of ventilation equipment. The ventilation equipment is provided with damping base, and the air inlet and outlet are connected with hose. Sound insulation treatment shall be done for ventilation equipment. For example, the sound insulation cover of the ventilation equipment; the sound only materials are lined in the enclosure of the ventilation equipment; the ventilation equipment is set in the special ventilation equipment room, and the sound insulation door, sound insulation window or other sound absorption facilities are set up, or the duty room is set in the ventilation equipment room.
            3、 Timely maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance, timely replacement of damaged parts, elimination of abnormalities, to create low-noise operation conditions.
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